What's all the hype for hyaluronic acid?

What's all the hype for hyaluronic acid?

Basking in yesteryear glory

Remember the sultry summer evenings, when returning from school was time for some mom-style skincare regime in our homes? For me, it was my mom's homemade facial scrub made out of besan (Bengal Gram flour). The pale yellow-coloured powder with its earthy smell and smooth texture could wipe away all my day’s weariness and regenerate freshness yet again, keeping my skin soft and supple.

As 90’s kids, we were growing away from the limelight of the niacinamides, hyaluronans, and whatnot. Moreover, we didn't even have a league of fashion or beauty police to ensure the perfect standards.

The new dawn

Days rolled, and with westernization slowly creeping in with fancy brands and giving fresh perspective to each quarter of our lives, beauty also received its much-needed revamp. Things like sunscreen lotion, anti-aging creams, women health drinks, a plethora of tea, perfumes, every aspect got a new perspective. Then slowly we made our way to 2000 and now we have passed 24 years of the millennium.

The present brouhaha

 With skincare witnessing a seachange in the past few decades, researchers each day are coming up with a new element that is useful for the skin. Likewise, the new girl in the town is ‘hyaluronic acid’.

Technically speaking, Hyaluronic acid is a substance, which is naturally found within the human body that retains the moisture in the skin. It's a versatile molecule and it has a variety of usage, especially skin, joint and eye health.

Why hyaluronic acid and Bio Valley? 

Depending upon how it is used, hyaluronic acid is very much beneficial to the human skin. It is best used as a night cream, face wash, or as an under-eye cream.

Bio Valley offers a unique face wash that stands out for its inclusion of hyaluronic acid and microcrystalline rice water. Inspired by the desire for clear and glowing skin, akin to Korean skincare routines where rice water is a key component, Bio Valley has formulated a gentle face wash. This product, suitable for all skin types, combines the benefits of microcrystalline rice water extracts and hyaluronic acid to promote a radiant complexion.

  • made exclusively for Indian humid climate
  • retains the skin’s moisture without making it dry
  • promotes new cell generation and improves skin texture
  • the microcrystalline rice particles gently exfoliates the skin leaving it bright and dewy

To wind up, it's time to tweak your skin care regime a bit to achieve the desired results. Dedicated usage of this product will not disappoint you. Let’s buy it and believe it yourself. Amazing offers are awaiting for you on the website. Just click on the link and your countdown for a great skin starts.

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