Splish, Splash, Summer Time Saas: The Perfect Summer Shampoo is Here!

Splish, Splash, Summer Time Saas: The Perfect Summer Shampoo is Here!

Ah !! Summer !! Again the season of sweltering heat, greasy hair, oily skin, and painful acne is here. And once again it's time for your hair to look like a ‘crow’s nest’.

Relatable much?

Well! This is a common impasse we girls face each year with the onslaught of the torrid climate. Additionally, thriving in air conditioning almost 20 hours of the day leaves us with no other option than added frizziness to the already tousled hair 

The Summer Hair Riddle

Let's face the thing. Summer is when we are more outdoors, involved in activities, wet our hair more, and soak in the humid weather more. All of this leads to excess oil production on our scalp. This in combination with our sweat creates the perfect recipe for greasy and frizzy hair. But worry not we are here with our ‘Summer Hair Hero’ - Cedarwood Shampoo by Bio Valley.

Bio Valley Cedarwood Shampoo

With summers coming and going and the hair woe continuing, Bio Valley has launched a much-needed shampoo to end all the bad summer hair days. The Cedarwood Shampoo is one of the amazing products launched by the Bio Valley group and it has amazing benefits:-

  • 100% natural, paraben free, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) free which ensures the softness of the hair
  • cruelty-free approach while making the products
  • soaks the excess oil from the scalp, making the hair light and less prone to hair fall
  • the shampoo ensures the strengthening of the hair follicles, thereby aiding in increased volume.
  • the Cedarwood-infused formula helps in fighting dandruff effectively.
  • The enchanting aroma brings instant freshness. 

Henceforth, with Bio Valley’s hero product, all the summer hair perils are on us. Girls, sit back and enjoy a worry-free summer with full gusto !!

Just visit our website "Bio Valley"and take your summer pill in your kitty.

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