From Frizzy to Fab with Our New Keratin Shampoo

From Frizzy to Fab with Our New Keratin Shampoo

Some yesteryear ‘trivia’

Legend has it that the great ‘Queen of the Nile’ -Cleopatra, was very particular about her hair. Her long and shiny tresses won huge laurels amongst the masses and added more appeal and charm to her fine elegance.

But elegance and beauty always comes with its share of hard work and dedication. If the stories are to be believed, it is said that the Egyptian beauty used to mix ground-up mice, horse's teeth and bear grease to keep her lustrous mane freeze-free, manageable and strong. Thanks to scientific progress, we don’t have to go to such extreme lengths to manage our hair plights.

The Big ‘K’- Keratin

With environmental pollution, stress, and the usage of wrong and harsh chemicals, resulting in drastic hair damage, one unique protein - Keratin’ has shown tremendous benefits to hair issues. If you look back into the DNA of Keratin, it is a multi-gene family of proteins that is an essential nutrient for hair and provides smooth, strong, and shiny hair.

Unleash the Rapunzel-like Confidence with Bio Valley Keratin Shampoo:

In this era of numerous brands, raising its head each day like mushrooms and making vague promises to make you another Rapunzel, it's quite legitimate to get lost in the hue and cry and make a wrong decision. If frizzy, damaged, dull, and rough hair is your everyday companion and usage of the umpteenth number of products has only made holes in your pockets; It's time you switch to Bio Valley Keratin Nourish Shampoo.

The essential benefits of this product are: -

  • revives the lost vitality of your hair by reducing dryness
  • it’s essential amino acids act on the roots and nourish your hair
  • natural aloe vera and plum add to the softness and shine of your tresses
  • no added chemicals mean no side effects
  • if you have coloured hair, the shampoo will help retain the hair color without making your hair too dry

So, without wasting much time, it's time you switch to Bio Valley’s all-natural Keratin Nourish shampoo.

What's more? With various offers running through our website like summer sale alert, cashback through Mobikwik wallet, and free delivery on prepaid orders, ladies it's time to buckle up and head to the all-natural zone-Bio Valley and embark on a journey of healthier, fuller, and soft hair.

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