Everything You Need To Know About Hairfall During Summer

Everything You Need To Know About Hairfall During Summer

During the summer hair loss is a problem for various people but it varies from person to person. In the summer, hair loss is experienced more than usual days. It is affected by various factors and suffers from sun exposure, heat & humidity, and temperature. Some people are stressed out from seasonal hair loss but this is nothing to worry about.

Seasonal hair loss does not only affect women, it affects men too. Some research showed that during the summer women's increased hair loss by up to 6% compared to normal days. Along with the women men also face hair loss issues due to dehydration, and sun exposure. People need to know some important information to manage and prevent hair loss. Here today we talk about vital information to prevent hair loss.

Why Does Hair Fall Increase in Summer?

Several factors contribute to the summer season increase in hair loss. In the summer, people are usually outside more. Seasonal variations may also impact the body's hormone levels, increasing hair loss. Here are several reasons why hair fall increases during the summer. 

Heat & humidity - Heat & humidity levels are the major causes that can lead to excess sweat and make hair roots weaken which can promote a greasy scalp and dandruff-prone skin.

UV radiation - Sunlight exposure can cause the hair shaft to become brittle and more prone to breaking. Long-term exposure without protection can cause the hair to become weaker and shed more frequently. 

Seasonal shedding - Seasonal shedding is a condition in which some people lose more hair at specific times of the year, usually in the late summer or early fall. It is believed that variations in hormone levels and daylight are connected to this frequently transient shedding.

Allergy - Some people may experience inflammation and itching of the scalp due to summer allergies, which may exacerbate hair loss.

Should need to be worried about hair fall during summer?

Hair fall is a common activity in all seasons still during the summer too. Some people face hair loss problems is normal because in the summer hair loss slightly increases compared to another day. Hair loss is the impact of sun exposure, UV rays, and dehydration. So that’s why it’s not a huge problem if you just pay more attention to hair care, it will be manageable easily.

But if in case, hair loss becomes a severe condition or chronic situation due to other factors then you have to go to the doctors or hair experts, and they provide you with proper treatment.

Common mistakes in practices

Some people make mistakes during the summer, which leads to the hair fall. Several common mistakes can increase hair loss in the summer months include:

Dehydration - Your scalp's health may be impacted by dehydration, which can cause dryness, itching, and hair loss. To keep your body and scalp hydrated throughout the day, make sure to drink lots of water.

Overexposure to sun - Hair damage and increased hair loss can result from overexposure to the sun without proper protection. The hair shaft may become weaker and more brittle due to UV radiation. To protect your hair from the sun, wear hats or use UV protection products.

Overuse of styling tools - Overuse of hot styling tools, such as curling wands and flat irons, can cause breakage and damage to the cuticle of the hair. Choose heat-free styling techniques instead of using heat styling tools as much during the summer.  

Tight hairstyle - During the summer, choose looser hairstyles to prevent damage to your hair. Pulling your hair back into tight braids, buns, or ponytails can cause traction alopecia, a type of hair loss caused by tension on the hair shafts, and stress on the hair follicles.

Tips for protecting your hair in the summer months

At last, we can check some tips or ways that help to prevent hair loss during the summer. To adopt these tips you will take help to prevent hair loss in the summer. 

Massage your hair with Natural Oil -

You have to massage your hair with the natural oil only to prevent or treat your hair loss during the summer. You have to deep-condition with the natural oil and nourish your hair. This activity is very important to protect your hair from the summer’s heat. 

Apply mild and natural shampoo and conditioner -

Keep your scalp healthy and clean, by washing the natural and mild shampoo. You have to wash your hair only with mild shampoo because mild shampoo makes hair strong and healthy. It helps to condition your hair and reduce hair fall naturally. You can use organic shampoo, Dead Sea shampoo, and Cedarwood shampoo, offered by Bio-valley. It gives a refreshing feel and promotes hair growth naturally.

Follow a healthy diet and exercise by leaving laziness aside -

If you want to have strong hair and reduce hair fall without taking any medicine or treatment, you have to adopt a healthy diet plan and regular exercise which helps to make immunity good. Include this habit into your routine, if you dream of long & healthy hair. Follow this routine regularly.

Use Hair Protective Products -

To reduce the hair loss, you have to avoid the sun exposure or heat & humidity. To avoid heat and humidity and protect from the UV rays, then consider UV protection products like hair sunscreen or also wear a hat or cap when going outside in the sun’s heavy.

Note : 3 essential steps for a healthier, balanced headspace:

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